Best Free Movie Streaming Sites for Android Smartphones/Tablets

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites for Android – If you are looking for Best Free Movie Streaming Sites for Android Smartphones/Tabletswell you came to the right place. Just like you, I also admire the idea of streaming movies right on my smartphone after my day at work. And watching movies being one of the best pass time during weekends or holidays or even in my spare time but sadly it isn’t always possible to visit the movie theater.

Except that after a days work I  do like to watch a good movie right at my home being comfy on my sofa. And if that’s what you like too then here is a list of the Best Free Movie Streaming Sites for Android Smartphones/Tablets that you can choose from.

So let’s not wait anymore and provide you with the list of Best Free Movie Streaming Websites for Android Smartphones/Tablets which you can stream seamlessly.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Now that have listed the best free movie streaming sites without signup you will need to take into note that if you are streaming movies, you will need to be on a High-Speed internet connection. And this high-speed internet connection is required to avoid too much buffering and also to download your movies faster to watch it in offline mode. Saying that now let me take you through the movie streaming sites that you can access through your smartphone or tablet.


The first site in our list of top 5 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites for Android Smartphones/Tablets is the Viewster. With views, you can be sure that you will be enjoying few of the best movies which include latest and even old movies. The latest and old movies include Action Drama and even horror movies.

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ABC NBC and FOX owns Hulu, which means you will be able to stream few of the best US based movies and TV show sites and that too for free. And along with being a free member with Hulu you can also be a Paid member and use a lot of features that include notification when any new movie is released on the site. The site already contains a vast collection of over 50000+ movies, and so you can be sure that you will have a good time going through few of the best movies and TV shows n the site.


Rated amongst the top 3 live movies streaming site Crackle took the 3rd place again on our list of top 5 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Websites for Android Smartphones/Tablets. And what makes this place so mind-boggling is that after registration you will be notified with every new movie that is released on the site. Along with that, you will be able to enjoy different categories of movies and shows like SC-fi action adventure and much more.


Now if you liked WolowTube you would love PrimeWire. With prime wire the first thing that you will notice in this app updates that pops up right in the homepage. Yes, that’s right PrimeWire is updated every second with a new movie. So if you have PrimeWire as your movie streaming app you will never have to look back any try other sites.


Coming to the first of the list is the WolowTube, which is the most popular movie streaming site for smartphone and tablet users. And along with movies with WolowTube, you will be able to stream TV shows and that too in HD. The unique and probably the best feature that you can get from any other Movie streaming site is that you don’t have to sign in to start streaming.

So these were the list of the 5 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites for Android Smartphones/Tablets that you can choose from as your source of entertainment whenever and whenever you want.